I help women with Sjögren's Syndrome

    recover their vitality, soothe their guts, dry eyes and mouth and get natural pain relief.

    Divya Dhawan

    I help women with Sjögren's Syndrome recover their vitality, soothe their guts, dry eyes and mouth, and get pain free naturally.

    Divya Dhawan

    Areas of Expertise



    -Certified Integrative Nutrition Health coach,

    -Guest Speaker in multiple podcasts

    -Featured in CrowdInk online magazine (partner with Apple News)

    -Featured in Sjogrens blog: phoenixsoulwarrior.com



    Hello ! I'm Divya Dhawan and I'm driven by my strong desire and calling to help women who suffer with Sjögren’s syndrome to recover their vitality, soothe their guts, dry eyes and mouth and get natural pain relief!  Everyone told me that this is my life from that point on, when I was diagnosed and all I can do was to just manage it. I was determined to change my story. It took a lot of research and trial and errors but I was able to heal myself. This journey of mine with Sjogrens Syndrome and subsequently holistically healing from it, has propelled me to find my life purpose of helping others find their dream health. I believe that healing can be achieved with the right knowledge and support. Making your health a priority and connecting with me is the first step! 🌟

    My Story

        Got Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Fatigue and aches everywhere ?

        Get the Holistically Healing Sjögren's/ Autoimmune

         Quick start guide, which Includes:

        • Autoimmune/Sjögren's Impact Quiz

          Not sure if you have autoimmune /SS but still suffering? Find out what having SS looks like with this easy quiz.

        • 6 Tips for Healing Sjögren's 

          Get instant access to my extremely effective 6 tips for healing Sjögren's/Autoimmune disorders. 

        • My Top Tool to Heal Sjögren's

          Amazing guided meditation for relieving stress, anxiety and activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

                                                      BONUS: Healing Smoothie recipes to help you heal from the inside!

            "My brain fog is GONE, I have so much more clarity AND I'm getting healthier. Slowly not only am I getting my life and health back but I'm also going back to MYSELF!"

            Preeti P.


            Thank you Divya for being such a kind and caring soul 💕 I am so happy to have my life back.. actually, a better one since I have a different outlook now and more knowledge!

            Mary J.


            During a call with Divya she made me realize how I was conditioned and thus constantly punishing myself and not providing my body with quality sleep. Such an epiphany !!




            I've had so many issues with my female parts and I never understood that they were hormonal issues, Divya made me realize. Couldn't have done it all without a wonderful Health coach like her!



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