I help women with Sjögren's Syndrome

    recover their vitality, soothe their guts, dry eyes and mouth and get natural pain relief.

    Divya Dhawan

    I help women with Sjögren's Syndrome recover their vitality, soothe their guts, dry eyes and mouth, and get pain free naturally.

    Divya Dhawan

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    -Certified Integrative Nutrition Health coach,

    -Guest Speaker in multiple Podcasts


    Divya Dhawan is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She is driven by her strong desire and calling to help women who suffer with Sjögren’s syndrome to recover their vitality, soothe their guts, dry eyes and mouth and get natural pain relief. This desire stems from her own journey of healing herself from Sjögren’s syndrome holistically when everyone told her that this is her life from that point on, when she was diagnosed and all she can do is, manage it. She was determined to change her story. It took a lot of research and trial and errors but she was able to heal herself. Now she believes that if she can heal, so can others and she is always there for helping them achieve just that! They just have to take the first step of making their own health a priority! 😊

    My Story

        Got Dry Mouth, Dry Eyes, Fatigue and aches everywhere ?

        Get the Holistically Healing Sjögren's/ Autoimmune

         Quick start guide, which Includes:

        • Autoimmune/Sjögren's Impact Quiz

          Not sure if you have autoimmune /SS but still suffering? Find out what having SS looks like with this easy quiz.

        • 6 Tips for Healing Sjögren's 

          Get instant access to my extremely effective 6 tips for healing Sjögren's/Autoimmune disorders. 

        • My Top Tool to Heal Sjögren's

          Amazing guided meditation for relieving stress, anxiety and activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

                                                      BONUS: Healing Smoothie recipes to help you heal from the inside!


            Preeti P


            "Slowly not only am I getting my life and health back but I'm also going back to MYSELF!"


            "When you are going through a tough phase of your life, you need a helping hand to get through it. Divya was one of those hopes of light for me. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in Jan 2020 and went through different treatments but still had pain in my knees alongwith general fatigue, low energy and mental fog . I was making some lifestyle changes but knew something was missing. That's when one of my friends introduced me to Divya. I wasn't aware of what a health coach is at that time. She told me that she understood completely what I'm going through as she also had gone through Sjogren's syndrome and related joint pains. Her story of recovery through natural solutions was very encouraging and I decided to give it a try! She was always very  patient and listened to all I had to say. She gave a lot of information through her well structured program and 1 on 1 support, about stress, foods to fight inflammation and much more. During this period her support as an Health coach was very comforting! After using all the tools Divya gave me, I’ve regained the confidence in myself and I definitely feel more in control. I have gained a lot of mental clarity, I have much more energy and slowly not only am I getting my life and health back but I'm also going back to MYSELF! "




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